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Sky Pearl Club

Welcome to the Sky Pearl Club, the exclusive frequent flyer program of China Southern Airlines, and the fastest way to earn free travel aboard China's biggest airline! With the Sky Pearl Club, members can easily collect mileage to earn benefits, such as award tickets and free upgrades.

Being a member of Sky Pearl Club means a world of travelling discounts within a hand's reach!


 China Southern’s Sky Pearl Club is the largest airline frequent flyer program in China, and has more than 15 millions members worldwide.

As a member of the airline alliance SkyTeam, the Sky Pearl Club allows members to earn Frequent Flyer Program (FFP) mileage not only on our own China Southern domestic & international flights, but also on flights of other SkyTeam member airlines within the SkyTeam global network. So even when flying with one of our SkyTeam partners, you can collect Sky Pearl Club mileage and earn wonderful benefits! Moreover, Sky Pearl Club members can also 'earn and burn' mileage on flights of our partners Sichuan Airlines and China Airlines, as well benefit from mileage saving on flights operated by our partners KLM / Air France!

With every mile flown, Sky Pearl Club members are one step closer to receiving the Sky Pearl Elite Status, which means even more extra benefits such as bonus milage, priority booking and extra luggage allowance (extra luggage allowance valid for Silver or Gold card members)! China Southern Sky Pearl Club has three membership levels: 

Base                     Silver                       Gold

  • Sky Pearl Club Silver card members gain SKYTEAM ELITE status
  • Sky Pearl Club Gold card members gain SKYTEAM ELITE PLUS status

The Sky Pearl Club offers customers our hotline 95539 / 0086 20 8668 2000, Sky Pearl Club airport service centers and Sky Pearl Club service branches to provide our members with quick and convenient service.

So join us now! 

For enrollment forms, please contact China Southern Airlines offices or flight attendants, call our 24-hour service hotline 95539 (0086 20 8668 2000 for International callers) or log onto our global website or for immediate enrollment or more information!!

Pearl Club

Since March 31, 2010, the Sky Pearl Club has new rules of mileage validity and shall be discarding its previous validity rules. For all you need to know about our these rules, other new rules and any other additional information, please visit our dedicated Sky Pearl Club web page at or call China Southern Sales and Service hotline! Our flexibel regulations offer among others:

Longer Validity for your mileage:
Our program offers a long validity of 36 months! During these 36 months, you will have more time to make travel plans for you and your family. China Southern does kindly recommend that you book your travel dates in advance to avoid peak travel period.

More user friendly:
Mileage credited onto your account on or before March 31, 2010 is now valid through March 31, 2013. Mileage credited on or after April 01, 2010 shall be valid for 36 months from the month in which the mileage accrual occurred. For example, mileage credited on April 01, 2010 shall be valid through April 30, 2013.

More refund possibilities:
According to the new rules regarding mileage validity, if members apply for a refund of mileage, then:

  • Voluntary refund by the member: Only valid mileage can be refunded when applying the mileage refund rule.
  • Involuntary Refunds (for example in the case of flight cancellation): the mileage refund will be valid for 36 months from the day of refund activity.
  • Other refund rules remain the same.